Robin your hair is AMAZING! such an inspiration!

My hair used to be knee-length once upon a time... then I maintained somewhere between chin-length to shoulder-length for years.

My hair is a little past shoulder right now, aiming for WL, though that means APL and BSL first.. *sigh*

I'd love to have it at my tail bone though.. with pretty layers and a v-shape. *dreams*

That's at least a year away ;.;
CG since 6/26/09! Also growing out!

Thick borderline 2C/3A (hair wavy at this length), mostly medium, high porosity (I think!)

Current products in rotation: V05 Kiwi Clarifying Conditioner followed by Suave Coconut Conditioner (CO wash). GVP K-Pak k/o (once a week). Sunsilk Hair Oil mix (international product) & castor Oil.