I like to wear my hair straight every now and then to change up my style, but it's so damaging, so I thought waves may be a good alternative. I'm not sure how to achieve them though.

Does anyone have any tips on how to non-chemically relax their curls into beach wavy hair? If so, how do you go about doing this? (I can relax my curls by gently combing them out, but this makes my hair poofy and a little frizzy/dry looking.)

Low/Med porosity, very fine, low/med elasticity & density, 3A
AKA hard to work with hair!

Low-Poo: Kenra Volumizing shampoo, AG Fast Food shampoo
CO: AG Ultramoist, AO GPB, Nature's Gate Aloe Vera
Gel: GFCC mousse, HETT, Aquage Megagel
Also: Aloe Vera juice or Alba Leave-in. Weekly ACV rinse.
Wishlist: YTC low-poo, Elucence poo, Bioterra Curl Creme, AGEbeautiful Strengthening trtment, SS Repairing Protein Trtment, LuxyHair ext's