I love pixie cuts, but if I got one my hair would be STRAIGHT and that is NOT what I want. (Why do you think I joined nc?)

So if you wanna get one, get one! They are beautiful, versatile, cool etc.
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Actually, they're only straight if you brush them, just like long curly hair. If I don't brush mine, it goes wavy/curly and looks really cute.

And Annie, you'll look great with a pixie, no doubt! Your face shape/features are really feminine, and short hair would really show them off. I really like this website, since it has soooo many pictures of different cuts:


Some of them are a little out-dated, but it's an overall good place to start on your quest for the perfect cut. There's also this site:


It has info on caring for short hair as well as pictures. Most of them are pretty edgy though, and if you're going for classic, Google Images seems to be the only place to go:


The first few days after it's cut you'll probably be styling it tons of different ways, trying to figure out what you like. YouTube has a bunch of styling videos regarding pixie cuts, which are really helpful. All you have to do is look!

Oh, and you should totes post pictures after you get it cut, Annie! I can't wait to see how you look. ^_^ Good luck!