Well, I do have a bit of a rash on the back of my neck since Friday, so I actually MAY be sensitive to something in the K-PAK. I do it so infrequently, that I'm not overly concerned about the DT, but I may worry if I use something like it frequently. However, I did use heat, as well, and the combo of product and heat may be the reason I got the rash (which is now Benadryl-ed and Aveeno-ed) Since I never got the rash at my hairdresser's, it could also be a reaction to the new hair bonnet dryer (the plastic bonnet or having it tied tieghtly around my head). At this point, don't know. Could be the sweater I wore out, could be my menopausal sweats (which we've been having a chilly front, so why the heck am I sweating at night???) haha.

I did the strand test, and I'm MUCH MUCH less rough going ends-to-root, so this protein treatment stuff is amazing. The rinse out condish--hope I don't get rashie, but I do want to give it a shot.
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