Pretty nails. Those aren't the barn kind though.

Love. Mercy. Grace. Missing elements in a lot of lives. Being nonjudgmental especially when you have your own stumbling blocks. Love. It is really the key element but unfortunately people either ignore it or don't understand what it really is. It isn't mushy, gushy feelings or always easy to deal with. Real love makes you see the overall person and want what's best for them even if it isn't easy or painless to deal with. Loving someone truly and selflessly is truly one of the hardest things.

I'm feeling philosophical now.

Thanks for listening. Pain isn't really so much a bad thing when you let it play out and let it go instead of stuffing it down. It helped me to stop and look and realize what I really do have. I am blessed in my life personally and professionally.

I miss my mother but I really do have more than I realized. I look a lot like her and I see her face everytime I look in the mirror. I believe in God and I believe in Heaven and I know that's where she is now. Painfree, happy, and young. Gotta continue living my life to the fullest and not let it pass by unlived.

How else can you get to the point of helping other people if you refuse to first help yourself?