Big tablets are ok.

My Boyfriend calls my multi-vitamin and B complex my "horse pills" lol

So far with the msm I find I can only take it once a day - and early in the morning or I won't get any sleep....

I made the mistake of thinking it wasn't having any effect on me at all...and I had read somewhere that it absorbs in through your skin so a few nights ago I mixed up some into my conditioner and slathered my scalp with it - massaged it in and left it on for a couple of hours

That night I got very little sleep and when I did I had awful dreams !! , my dreams have been quite vivid actually since I started taking it, not really anything I can remember but a couple of times it has been a relief to just wake up !!

I guess I'm having a major detox

So all together I'm taking a Multi, B Complex, MSM, Biotin, Hair skin and nail supplement and vit C.

It's only been a few days but I can't wait to see if my nails start to grow in thicker in a few weeks
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