You're welcome, Annie! ^_^

I promise you, it really can work!!! Curly hair looks good in a pixie cut; it flips a little at the ends naturally, and it ends up looking really feminine. And if you don't like the way it looks wavy/curly, brushing it straight takes about 5 minutes, and won't damage your hair. Pixie cuts are short enough that you don't have to use heat to straighten them, just gel and a comb.

Every one of my friends and relatives told me that my hair wouldn't look good in a pixie, that I'd look like a pre*****cent boy, etc. They did that so much that I didn't get it cut for around a year, because they scared me so much. Then I finally got up the nerve to get it cut, and they all agreed that it looks better on me than long hair, lol.

In the end, Annie, it's your hair, and you can do whatever you want with it! ^_^