Curl Pattern: 2a-2b
Texture: fine-medium
Porosity: med
Density: thick end of medium : definitely not as much volume as I'd like, but my hair used to be super dense (and much curlier) when I was younger, so I'm still getting used to limper hair, it may not be as thin as I think...
Elasticity: low-ish I think
Characteristics: flat top (could be because my hair REALLY needs a cut, though). Easily weighed down. Frizzes easily on the canopy, but nicer/softer underneath. Fairly easy to straighten, but goes a bit wavy again on the ends if exposed to any humidity. Fairly dry on the ends, but scalp has a tendency to get oily if left unwashed for more than a couple of days

CG/ModCG/not CG: mod- CG (need to low-poo occasionally)

Hair ingredient likes: haven't worked these out yet, my hair CJ curl rehab regardless of how I use it. I also henna every 4-6 mths because it makes my hair soooo much nicer
Hair ingredient dislikes: haven't worked this out yet, but definitely a big no to ANY 'cones, any product with even a bit of cones left my hair feeling disgusting within a couple of days without a lo-poo. Anything by Aubreys makes my scalp break out in painful bumps within hours (still trying to work out why). Used poo bars for a while, started out fantastic, but ultimately left my hair feeling drier, and gave me really bad split end

Hard/Soft Water: hard

HG/Go-to Products: Curl rehab, definitely. KCCC is a go-to for spirals, and hard hold gel (BRHG, CHI) to keep them in place

Average climate/dew points: very dry (low dewpoint) in winter, very humid (high dew point) in summer

Fall/Winter combos: so far, HCC/CJDF to wash (occasionally gttt to clarify better or my scalp gets gross) Tigi O&H rinse out, KCKT leave-in, KCCC or possibly CIAB, and BRHG on top to hold
Spring/Summer combos: CJDF or HCC to wash, no rinse out, CJCR or CCCC-lite as LI, then KCCC or CIAB and hard hold gel

Favorite styling techniques and why: diffusing gives me the best curls (again, I think my hair is too long, weighs it down too much to form curls), but needs very low setting and pixie method to minimise (can't eliminate) frizz on the canopy, but even then the curls lengthen throughout the day, get flatter. Trying not to diffuse too often, so I minimise damage though. Ice queen seems to work pretty well. Trying to find a good method for airdrying. Got fairly close with using clips... but needs some more work.
Techniques that didn’t work and why: Just leaving my hair to air dry without touching it left my hair flat stringy and lifeless

Hair Twins: ...hopefully I'll find one to give me some product suggestions

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