haha that's exactly what my bf calls them too - horse pills.

I think I remember some people commenting about having crazy dreams while taking MSM, but I'm not exactly sure where it was.Maybe do a search? I've had no side effects with it, that I can remember. I have some MSM cream somewhere which I used when I had an allergic reaction to some conditioner and shampoo (I believe red colouring is the evil) it's meant to be soothing - I tried it on my head once or twice.

I'm currently taking a multi, MSM and chlorella. I was taking amino acids but swapped to experiment with chlorella.

I've always wanted to see how biotin fairs with me, but I'm so nervous it will break me out. I have reactive/sensitive skin that breaks out easily and apparently it's a common side effect. I know it's a silly worry but it feels like I've finally kind of got my skin under control and I'm afraid to tip the boat.

How have you found the biotin?

My nails grow so fast atm and they are alot stronger then they use to be. I've got to trim them back almost weekly depending how annoying they get.
2 something Australian


Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.