I may be a little neurotic, but I can't sleep with gel or anything in my hair. My hair comes out best when I style it in the morning after showering, but that means I have to sleep with the gel in my hair and that annoys me lol. I just don't like getting any residue on my pillow, especially because my skin can be prone to breakouts and I want my pillows to be as clean as possible. Am I the only crazy one with this problem? It was suggested that I try a satin sleeping cap, but I don't know if I could sleep with something on my head. Maybe I am just destined to be product-free forever. If anything it will help me stop my crazy PJ ways hehe. If anyone has any ideas for me I'd appreciate it. I really enjoy being a PJ.
|~*~Carly~*~ |24 yrs old|Type 2C hair|