I don't know if i'm posting in the right bit either!....
Basically i need some hair advice!!!
I chemically straightened my hair for 6 years, and then used straightening irons on it for about a year. i've forgotten what it's like to have curly hair..it always made me feel less attractive. Anyway, i now would like to have another go, as there are many curly haired lovely looking people!!
I have no idea what to get for it to make it nice curl, and not frizzy.I think it's less naturally curly than it used to be(this could be the fact that my irons have killed it, or that i'm older now, and my hair has changed a bit) Do I still use mousse??(used to make it a bit hard), before that I used gel-(made it look like a wet look!), or are the creams any good? What about serums? My thoughts have been totally taken over by how to get straight hair in the past...so am totally lost when it comes to curly hair tips..Please help with product info!! I tried to diffuse it, but it ended up like a big ball of wire.Thank you so much.xxxx