I haven't really *done* anything per se, as I just got up and went out today with just a run over my hair with some water. It wasn't perfect, but I'm saving my wash for tomorrow...I have an eye appointment and will be dilated for much of the day, so I plan on a nice long and hot bath and some hair time.

But, I am doing an experiment right now. Ha ha ha...

The results from my last wash left me with more clumps and less curls in the front, and generally more waves than curls...or at least softer curls that were less stringy. Anyhow, I was playing with my part and trying to figure out the french braid headband (but I still can't really french braid) and when I undid the braid I was kinda finger combing my hair. I decided to finger comb all my hair and eventually put it into 2 braids, one on each side. This was all rather spontaneous. Then I thought, I wonder what would happen it I wet my hair/braids, added curl cream and gel on top of this and twisted the braids into buns and let dry.

So I am currently a quasi Princess Leia but the braid buns are not nearly as neat looking. I have no idea how it will turn out, but worst case scenario is I spritz my hair and re-scrunch.

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