I love my hair again woohoo!
Some of you read about some freak lathering I get with conditioner..... most maybe not anyhoo I've had buildup of some sort for about a week now. I did a vinegar rinse, vinegar and conditioner wash then I used a no sulfate poo. It was a tiny bit better but then came back with a vengence sooooo
I no poo'd this morning and it lathered. I thought well that's weird it never did that before. But then I rinsed and rinsed and my hair felt dry. Ok well I cleansed so maybe that's it, then I put on Elucence BMC and worked it in and tons of lather! Grrrrr
I rinsed rinsed rinsed (warm water but not hot) then I put conditioner on, lather still! Omg I'm in hair h*ll! So I kept putting a diff conditioner on to see if it had something to do with it. After the 5th conditioner (all cg of course let's not be silly here ) I finally whipped out the suave clarifying shampoo Ack! It lathered hugely because of course mostly my hair has been cleansed enough today but then I rinsed and rinsed, conditioned and a tiny bit of lather so I rinsed and conditioned again and figgin finally no lather!

I used Beauty without cruelty leave in and wow I got great clumping even on top! That funky flap of straightish hair is almost cured! I put in Angell and omg! My hair is curlier than usual even!

I could just cry literally. I wrote this book in case some other poor soul is having this problem. I can't figure out if it's proteins hanging onto my hair and therefore hanging onto anything that suds (cream of nature was the shampoo) or if I had a waxy buildup that was doing it (SIF and CJ HB Fine leave in) I know others use this stuff fine but my hair must be a freak of nature.
I felt like that movie Ground Hogday, just keep doing it over and over and over until I got it right! [/b]
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!