Last night was a shampoo bar night (Burt's Bees). GFSS as rinse-out and GFTN as leave-in, Icequeen style. Scrunched in KCCC and L'Oreal Melting gel, while scrunching out excess water. Plopped for about an hour. This method works so much better when I plop overnight, but I can't seem to get comfortable with the plop (I'm a back sleeper) and I really wanted a good night's rest last night. hair was a wee bit crazy this morning. Lightly shook it around upside down to get the curls to fall in place while spritzing with conditioner water. Turned right side up, spritzed with Aussie Aussome Volume spray gel, lightly scrunched. I've got some frizz from the extra scrunching and shaking I did this morning, but I am happy that this method seems to be reviving the 3a characteristics of my hair.

Sorry for the flash issues in the pictures; my camera and I are not getting along this morning.
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Nice curls RonaV! I am having the best hair day since I started CG. I must say, I'm really loving this AG recoil stuff. Today I did my normal wash routine, CO, LI then added some recoil, some HETT mousse and a little Chi gel, and voila! Hopefully I can get something decent for 2nd day hair tomorrow.
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