No problems at all with the biotin.

I'm taking the Swisse brand Hair skin nails supplement, it has 2.6 mg biotin, and Natures own biotin that are 300mcg (which I think is equal to 3mg ?)

I have always had clear skin though, even when going through puberty I only got 1 or 2 pimples at "that time of the month"

My nails seem to be growing faster, though it's probably just wishful thinking I put a dark polish on them yesterday so I can see if they really are growing or not .
I'm not expecting to see any real results for at least 4 weeks yet....then the tape will come out and I will be measuring my hair again LOL I'm crazy I know.

I measured the day I started the biotin at 12 and a half inches, the msm was started a few days after that, can't wait to see if it works !!
3A/B - m - ii - porous

Located in Sydney Australia