Maybe I'll try adding biotin next month - don't want to add too many things at once otherwise I'll have no idea what caused what. There's biotin in my multi but not much (I'm trying to finish of some centrum multi's that I bought awhile ago before getting given a whole heap of free swisse vitamins (which were better!))

Doesn't help that I treated my skin as though it was really oily for ages when it was actually sensitive and over compensating cos I was stripping it bare of oil all the time. it's settled down since I've started being more gentle - one of those DUH moments.

I can't measure my hair with a tape - too hard, too short. That's why I started with photos, can't argue with those.

my fringe/bangs are pretty much at the end of my nose now and my mullety back is sitting at T7 - that bumpy bit at the back of your neck. I was gonna even it out once it got a bit longer, but now I'm not so sure - i got greedy for growth and was thinking it'll just look like layers once it grows some more. I have plenty of time to contemplate though.

anywho enough ramble from me. good luck
2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.