This is such a fabulous gel. In just the past few weeks it has become a staple styler in my regimen. It's so simple to make, I love it, have even gotten 2nd and 3rd day hair with it. I have been using this gel the past couple weeks, with the same seeds that I freeze and then defrost in water. I read on a different thread soaking them yields more gel, so that also has a double purpose.

Anyways, my question is how long the seeds themselves last? I can tell when my gel has gone bad cause it starts to smell funky, different than the nutty/seedy smell when I first make it. But how do you know about the seeds? I have read varying times from a couple weeks or batches, to months, and even a year. I don't really notice the smell when the only time they are out is while they are defrosting or boiling...

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