Ok so I'm in kinky twists but to appease myself, Ive had a section of hair in the back out for like almost a week and half now. It's about the size of 4 medium twists.

Ive been experimenting like I dont know what on that hair with all my new stuff lolol. Dont judge me lol

Well last night I shampoo'd then used MyhoneyChilds Sophia Thick and Healthy Mask.

Talk about the wow factor of that mask. Now when I first got it, I opened it up and the jar smells like glue. I was like What in the heck?

After putting it in my hair and smoothing it thru, I just couldnt stop touching the hair. After I rinsed it out , my hair felt awesome. I'm going to have to get a bigger size as I only ordered the 4oz jar! Once I smoothed the hair mask in the glue smell went away.