I made my first batch of FSG from BB's recipe a few days ago. I am SOOOOO happy I tried it! I have lots of fragrance allergies & hate that most manufacturers load their products up with them. It severely limits what products I can use. FSG has been a wonderful discovery for me.

Yes, it does feel an awful lot like snot, but it does a fantastic job and only has a slight nutty scent. I still haven't gotten a hang of how much to use yet but I'm working on it. My baby fine hair frizzes easily & the humidity in TX has been off the charts lately which is making it a little more of a challenge.

I've even had decent 2nd day hair with a bit of leave in & water in a spray bottle. My hair is also noticeably softer! Thank you BB for sharing this!
poo: diluted Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild liquid soap w/tea tree oil added
co-wash: Everyday Shea conditioner Vanilla-Mint
condish: Everyday Shea conditioner Vanilla-Mint, Nature's Gate Aloe
DT: EVOO, GF 3 Min Undo
LI: none
Stylers: Vegetable Glycerine, FSG