This stuff is AMAZING! Seriously. I have 3rd day hair.. which has like NEVER happened ... EVER. With my old gel, I rarely even got 2nd day hair. *holds FSG tight* Thanks for sharing your recipe, BB!

Also, does anyone know where the best (and cheapest) place to buy EOs online is? I'm using lavender essential oil now but I'd like to try some other scents
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I like these sites: (a little more expensive)

I would shop around, they all have different prices on the same EOs.

they also have frangrance oils that you could try too! BTW an ounce or less would be plenty if you are only using and EO for FSG. I would also recommend picking up some plastic pipettes from one of the websites too - most of the EOs don't come with droppers. Or you can pick up a medicine dropper at a pharmacy (my husband scored some on clearance at CVS for me recently)
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Thanks! I'll have to check those sites out.