Oh, man, sorry about the bad 'cut. It seems that good curly stylists in our area are scarce. I have the same stylist for 22 years, and she doesn't really do CG, but she works with me and I trust her, but she isn't taking on new clients (she has health issues and has to rest a lot).

I wish we got some more curlies chiming in with So FL recommendations.

I know that if my stylist's health took a turn for the worse and she retired (which she has almost done twice), I will take the drive to the west coast and have Struttswife do my color and cut. Hey, I guess I can make an outing of it with hubby, Miami to Tampa-St.Pete area to get me beautified. I'd be terrified to drive it alone (I'm a driving wuss), but think how fun if a group of gals from SoFL could get a day with Tiffany of Live Curly Live Free book fame? Huh? Huh?

BeccaPoo is in SoFL, and she might have a rec.

I heard one of the gals say the Ouidad salon in Ft. Laud has a good stylist (but I can't vouch for it).

I know there's a Deva certified stylist in the GBS in Aventura (just west of Biscayne and Miami Gdns Drv), Bertha something, but I never saw anyone comment on her (though I did start a thread to see if anyone had knowledge).

Of the recommended salons, I saw two down in the Kendall area were mentioned (or rather one salon and one stylist, er, Terri the name? on MIller Drive).

There was mention of a natural salon in SoFL, I think in Coconut Grove, and if I remember the name, I'll edit to add. Eludes me.

Good luck!
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