Absolutely DO NOT thin out your hair! Thick hair is beautiful and healthy, your hair will get thinner as you get older and you will regert not loving it now. I would suggest, if you're bored with it, maybe some cute, long layers and angled around your face. More of a style will make it lay less poofy- you don't need to thin it- and NEVER use a razor cut on curly hair. It will make it more firzzy.

I wish my hair was as thick as it was when I was a teen! Be thankful for what you have....
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my hairdresser insists on thinning my hair. it is colored and a 4a. one week later i look like a lion. i don't know if it is better to let it grow long and wear it up. my daughters have long beautiful culs. when it is short it is kinky. any suggestions please