Thank you, MirCurls.
I would definitely travel any number of miles for a good stylist who knows how to handle curly hair, let alone my curly hair.

As for your suggestions, there is a salon called Las Olas Beauty that has certified trained stylists in the way Ouidad cutting techniques and such. I've been wanting to try them, and they have decent reviews, but I'm still a little skeptical.

Oh and I've been to Natural Trendsetters. I'm still harboring negative feelings about my last encounter there and I know I should grow up, but it cut a bit to the core. I went for a simple highlight/ dye job and twists. The young lady (who shall not be named) was too busy talking about how she met some rap star and offered to do his hair when she should've been paying attention to the dye job I was receiving. I wanted just a couple of strand highlighted or dyed red, but ended up with pink hair. She didn't bother to apologize or offer to correct anything. They just took my money. So I will never set foot in that place even if it is my last resort. I'd rather chop off my hair then to go there.

Besides that I'm still on the lookout. I'm just dying to get a good trim/haircut because this ugly shape is driving me crazy.
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