it's been an interesting few weeks on PoF for me.

for starters, i put back the sexy photo as my main profile pic (some of the over-40 forumites will understand what i'm saying) - and to say my view rate has gone up would be an understatement. it has also elicited a lot more email.

including one last night from someone who took it upon himself to analyze ALL of my profile pics!

he didn't say anything *bad* about any of them, it's just weird. and i'm not sure how to respond.

and i suddenly have all these guys from far away (like one back in Ottawa) who seem to think that distance shouldn't be a problem - even though my profile states upfront that i want someone local because i don't drive.

the second guy that i had a date with last month has turned weird - for someone who supposedly isn't interested in anything serious, he is acting like a teenage girl. as in:

oh, i see you're going to the St. Patrick's Day party next Friday, would you mind if i was there?

it's a publicly posted event, WHY would i mind if he was there? what's next? who am i going with?

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