thank u ladies!!! I actually used to love head sprung, but the price point just got to rediculous.
has anyone tried healing herbs by rene?
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Yes, I use her products. The Black Soap Herbal Shampoo and the Irie Herbal Hair Gel are my favorites. I have the Herbal Hair Mist. I use it when I wear twists. It's a nice, light conditioning mist...but it doesn't compare to Head Sprung.

If you're looking for a closer comparison, I would look at one of The Hair Shebang's Moisture Sprays. I have the Nilah Moisture Spray, and it reminds me of Head Sprung, as far as how my hair feels after I apply it.
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Where else can you get the headsprung? I really want it but whenever I tried to order it, my order never came and I got crappy customer service.