Where else can you get the headsprung? I really want it but whenever I tried to order it, my order never came and I got crappy customer service.
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You can get it at Natural Vibes. I've ordered from there, and from Herb N Life. Natural Vibes is cheaper, and faster.

I had to have a talk with the owner of Herb N Life. She makes awesome products, but the customer service is no where near where it should be.
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Natural vibes is the place I had the problem with. A few weeks ago I ordered and I waited for 3 weeks and they did not respond to my emails so I had to just nip it in the bud and go to paypal and file a dispute for my refund. :/

If anyone has a place that sells it near their house, could you PM me so I can buy it from you? Dont try to stiff me please? :}