Hello everyone. I am a newbie to NC site and boards. I enjoy learning about good hair products, hair care, and loving self. I have been on my natural hair journey since 2000 for almost 10 years!! I must say that this is a rewarding experience for me personally because I grew up feeling that you only appear beautiful to yourself as well to others by wearing a press n comb or perm (relaxed hair). So I challenged myself and the stigma to believe that beauty lies within and outside of you meaning from hair to the bottom of your feet. Embracing your natural hair is learning to accept you. I have love for everyone and do not prejudice myself with anyone or against anyone's decision based on their preference for their hair.

NC I feel is a great way to research and learn for me mostly on good hair care regimens as well as products. I tend to wear my hair natural curly as well as sometimes I will wear a straight hair by flat iron process. Just to switch up the style. For me I feel good and glory when I am wearing my natural hair. There is power in your hair. Wear it proudly.