"J" met my father for the first time, albeit under serious circumstances. My dad is in the hospital because of chest pains and because of that, I told "J" I couldn't come out his way like planned(which is 100+ miles away) because I wanted to be close in case I needed to be. He decided to come on my end and look after me(my anxiety has been on HIGH) and took me to the hospital. I can tell my dad likes him. It was like I almost wasn't in the room. Two computer geeks in a room together talking.....geek stuff. LOL!

He even told my dad, "If you need anything, don't hesitate to call me," when we were leaving.

Anyway, his presence DEFINITELY calmed me a bit as I had been very stressed over the last two days. He's a doll for being there. I REALLY appreciated it. More than he probably realizes.....
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