After reading through the salon reviews, I think I narrowed it down to these two. One is a half hour drive (though Saturday is a beeyotch on South Beach) and one is an hour away. Both have good reviews here and Salon Vaso was featured in Allure magazine and has good online feedback.

While I hate going to chichi salons (I am SOOO not chichi), I only need to go every 8 weeks or so and color once every 4 months, so I can deal with the stress of the salon experience. (I haven't had to do a salon in 20 years roughly).

Any feedback on Vaso or Teri appreciated. Or on the Las Olas salon in Fort Laud with the Ouidad certified snippers.

Any suggestions on how to make the transition smoother appreciated, too. I know about the basics: be on time (not an issue with my previous stylist, so I got lazy and I"m punctuality impaired), bring picstures if possible, be clear, come styled so they see more or less how I do it/like it. (I'm afraid to bring my own products the first time, though, so I'll ask if I can so I can steer away from the stuff I don't want.)

Ah, I feel so...weird. Heh.
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