LOL! You are all silly!!!

I like to eat the bone marrow out of chicken bones. Most of my family does so its normal in my household. But I hate having outsiders over or eating somewhere else where I can't eat (suck out) the bone marrow. It really drives me crazy!!!
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My sister used to do that.

Does eating them frozen hurt your teeth? I'm intrigued! LOL! Just thinking that they'd be hard to actually bite pieces off and chew.
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the waffles- not at all. They're just cold really lol

The rest you kind of have to gnaw at. lol, like I said I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA why I like it so much... unless maybe it forces me to eat them slower? *shrug* i should probably talk to someone lol
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Frozen Bananas, Ketchup on cucumber yummmm
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I JUST saw this recipe for "ice cream" made from frozen bananas...
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Oh yum!

I am the new Black.

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