I just learned that I am the only 1 that puts salt on oranges. All my life, Ive thought that everyone ate them that way.

I also, love day old movie popcorn. I usually get a large bag with lots of butter (I like it swimming) and eat about 1/3 of the popcorn. Then I take the rest home and eat it a day or two later. At this point, its been marinating in butter and oooh its sooo Yummy.

I know these things may sound crazy, but I promise if you try it You Will Like It!
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That's so insanely repulsive to me, but only because I worked at a movie theatre for 7+ years and had to clean up all those soaking with butter bags that were left on the floor. Seeing what that stuff was like after 2 hours... lol, no way could I eat it days later!
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