Not crazy at all, this is a subject that resurfaces every so often because curlers (IMO) are a great invention and roller sets are a healthy alternative for styling hair. I still have saved in my computer pages I copied from my beauty book with illustrations/instructions on how to do a roller set that I sent to a few curlies who wanted to learn how to do it a couple of years ago.

I grew up using them all the time and have used them in the past because for a few days I can have nice hair without having to re-wet it or anything. When I lightened my hair in '03 it suffered considerable damage so it wouldn't curl well and it was breaking so I bought a hood dryer and started doing roller sets every so often, it did help save my self esteem to be able to have decent hair sometimes!

This year I've had a lot of bad hair days but I've had no energy to do hardly any roller sets. I can't even remember if I've sat under a dryer or not, all I remember is using curlers once after using a dryer brush to straighten and maybe a couple of times after my curls didn't turn out right. I just brushed my dry hair and sectioned it, then sprayed a little water on the hair before rolling it, using fewer rollers, so the effect was not as good as when I do it from scratch.
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