Well, a lot of those summer pictures were taken before I left the house. I have a tendancy to really frizz up in the summer and I have so much volume I end up putting my hair up most of the time anyway. It's too hot! The other half of the time I gel my hair down into two braids.

I have two routines. One gives more curls by rinsing upside down, scrunching upside down, using clips on the roots and then air drying (the typical Devachan styling). The other routine gives more flattened curls, by rinsing rightside up, then combing products in with a widetooth comb and air drying.

I'm cg (mostly) and I use a variety of products, but my faves right now are Nexxus Phyto-Organics Nectaress Conditioner, and Pink Boots mixed with Curl Keeper.
Angela: 3A bsl-length Modified CG Product Junkie