I once had my HGs and for a good while stuck to just them. But when I lightened my hair it got damaged and they didn't work anymore. Even after I cut the old hair off it was not the same; just as the Dove commercials say the needs of lightened hair are different than when darkened. Besides, both my fave COs got reformulated so I'm out of luck. I tried the Aloeba but the oils overpowered my hair (not for fine hair in S. FL weather!), also it's not as detangling as my long hair needed so I only used it occasionally until it ran out.

But it was definitely a mistake to get that Suave M&H, I used it last night and it turned into a "horror story" (posted it on the Shampoo-less forum...) but I'm a slow learner I guess! Once again I am repeating the mantra "I will not buy any more COs no matter what, I will not buy any more COs no matter what, I will not...!"
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