Just curious ... how many of you use rollers or twirl your curls around your fingers? Everyone has such pretty ringlets in their pics. I've noticed some natural ringlets coming back after a week of CG after just scrunching in product. But do I need to roll or twirl every day?
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We're all about natural curls here, so most people are just scrunching, plopping, etc etc but not "faking" the ringlets with rollers That'd be cheating! XD I think the 4a/b hair girls do a lot of stuff like twists, braid outs, to keep their hair a little more manageable as it grows out? But among the 3s and 2s it's really all about getting your hair to curl by itself xD (well, with a little help )
3a in Paris
I use:
Garnier Ultra Doux conditioners
High in glycerin conditioners
As much gel as possible
Testing out flax seed gel
Plopping, for around 30 minutes
Pixiecurl drying