I posted a thread on here recently about having a problem with root curl and lift. I decided to go off this website to google and see what was out there. I HAVE to recommend this site to all those with the same problem! I just got done doing my hair with this method and I have great lift, but not too much, with root curl all the way down, PLUS as an added bonus, I think pulling the hair up and into the jaw clips allowed the "under" hair (have no idea what else to call it) to curl even more! It is so pretty! I wish I had somewhere to go to show it off! My husband is even out of town and can't see it. And without him I can not take pics so we will have to do it the next time when he is here and post some. This method is going to be part of the daily routine for me now, even when just spritzing, if my hair is limp. Here is the website:


It is near the end of the instructions, so keep going on the page. It is worth it though, and SO easy to do. It is called "Jaw Clipping". I had some small jaw clips anyway to pull the hair back out of my face, so I just used those that I had to do this. Does not pull the hair like clips and you can manuever the hair into the curl pattern you want before you jaw clip. With the regular clips, it would flatten everything out.

Let me know how it works for you if you try it, but it worked great for me! HTH all those who have lift and root curl issues!
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