I think I'm in a similar position -- nothing really heavy enough. I've been using AOHR mixed with about 1/4c. olive oil and 1-2TB coconut oil as a DT. I pack it on to the extent that it's more like a mask. I think I could use most other peoples' DTs for spritz and condish
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YES. What I don't get is that instead of weighing my very (very) fine hair down, these heavy conditioners just make it happier. That goes against just about everything I know about hair - what gives? (The only thing that seems to weigh it down is too much extra oil).
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Double YES! I get my biggest, awesomest hair as a result of super heavy condishes. And every time I have ever tried to use a light / volumizing condish, I wind up stringy. I'm-a so confused!

As an experiment this morning, I used my CO-wash White Rain Citrus condish as a leave in and I have the saddest, hangiest curls. Yesterday I used olive oil and my hair was enormous and bouncy.