I think I'm in a similar position -- nothing really heavy enough. I've been using AOHR mixed with about 1/4c. olive oil and 1-2TB coconut oil as a DT. I pack it on to the extent that it's more like a mask. I think I could use most other peoples' DTs for spritz and condish
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YES. What I don't get is that instead of weighing my very (very) fine hair down, these heavy conditioners just make it happier. That goes against just about everything I know about hair - what gives? (The only thing that seems to weigh it down is too much extra oil).
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Double YES! I get my biggest, awesomest hair as a result of super heavy condishes. And every time I have ever tried to use a light / volumizing condish, I wind up stringy. I'm-a so confused!

As an experiment this morning, I used my CO-wash White Rain Citrus condish as a leave in and I have the saddest, hangiest curls. Yesterday I used olive oil and my hair was enormous and bouncy.
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I've done the same thing before with the same results. I can only get away with light conditioners if they're glycerin or honey heavy and it's really humid out.

Actually - this sounds crazy - but I find that going from lightest to heaviest product actually works best. Like, use Suave to co-wash, a light conditoner to rinse-out, and then use a super-heavy leave in and use my stylers from light to heavy as well and that'll give me massively awesome curls. Do it the other way around (heavy to light, aside from co-wash), and they'll be weird. Go figure.
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