I never did make that appointment at Las Olas Beauty nor the other place. I'm still sort of curious to try it, but I read some reviews online, not here though. One girl said she left with her hair shaped like a box! That I don't want. In the meantime, I had a spa day for myself. My profile pic is what my hair looks like now. I did an ACV rinse with a small amount and 2 leave-in conditioners, plus oil on hair and scalp. Hair is still soft, but best part no product leaving my hair and going onto my fingertips!!!
"My hair is a reflection of my personality:
wild, free and beautiful."

Hair Type: S + Z = Crazy Beautiful
Hair Goal: Improve health!! Kill the knots!!!
BSL now
As of 6/24/12: Protective styles for summer
Achieving Curls: Terressentials Mud HAir Wash (the business! Terressentials.com) Giovanni 50/50 Cndtr (retired) KBN Shealoe LCndtr (on probation) Still perfecting the process.
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