I've bookmarked the info for Salon Vaso (a bit chichi for me, but the reviews have been great and the owner does have curly hair) and The Strand in Pinecrest (Teri, who has been reviewed here on NC).

I have 3b with some 3a, and my hair is flexible, style-wise. I used to be able to blow dry it mostly straight, or leave it half curly, or leave it natural, etc, and it's not horrible to work with (although i am frizz-prone a lot).My concern is mostly to have a good cut that will allow me to have some volume on top and sides. From learning techniques here on Cutltalk and NC, I can get my curls looking quite pretty many days, though I have not mastered volume or frizz-control. I'm flexible enough to modify the CG quite a lot if that's what it takes to get my hair curly-nice and wearable for more than a couple days post washing (I'm not interested in straightening, but I'm also not interested in washing my hair every dang day). But I do need to feel like I have a style and not just a hanging mop of curls (which is not an appealing look on a fat, 50 y/o woman).

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