I use Spiral Solutions Deeply Decadent moisturizing conditioner mixed with 2tbsp olive oil and 2tbsp honey (heated). Its the most moisturizing treatment I've ever used. Also, I leave in on for at least an hour with some heat it works great!
3a/M/F/ii very porous highlighted. Loves lots and lots of Protein

Poo: DC NoPoo, DC lowpoo, KC come clean
cowash:V05 moisture milks
Condish: GVPCB, GF Triple Nutrition, Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner,Elucence MB condish, TIGI O&H, MM
Leave in- GF TN
Stylers: fsg, re:coil, LALSG, G2B spike it, HE mousse
My hair is loving Coconut oil and FSG!!!

On the hunt (again) for the perfect gel
Looking to get Volume AND Shrinkage

HairTwin wanted