16 for my sons. I'm encouraging my daughter not to date til college, or even beyond. Really. I want her to concentrate on her studies, since women need to be more accomplished than men to earn the same money and prestige.
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First, keep in mind I'm speaking from the perspective of the teen, not the parent since I don't have children this old (or children at all for that matter).

The only reason I would not agree with this is if you don't have some experience with dating and the mindset of men, you tend to be very naive. And I would have much rather been naive to this at the age of 17 than at 22 or older. Women and men are different and while my mom explained that to me, it took life lessons of actually dating to really see what she meant. I found that those of my friends who were going out for the first time at the age of 23 were falling for some horrible traps at that age (getting married too early, getting "played" and hurt badly, etc.) whereas I was already hip to men's bs and knew how to spot it.

But I will say that my mother taught me that my education in men must come a clear second to my academic education and that for no reason should I let ANY man deter me from that. She made it clear that unless I wanted to wind up needing a man rather than wanting a man, I'd better get my education and career together and on point. And I thank her very much for that.
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I don't know you could be right, as I'm 19 and haven't even started dating yet, only because no one of my interest has asked me, I know I shouldn't turn down every man and not to be to picky but ugh I can't help it. Anyway, the point I want to make is, I have 2 older brothers and that's enough to know the crap men pull, I hear it out of their mouths all the time, how they think. Not really shocking, but sometimes I wonder do all men think like this...yes if not worse. LOL.