ooh this sounds fun! I'd love to give this a try... I LOVE all the twists and braids styles, but I'm not sure; 1) my hair is long enough or 2) has a strong enough curl pattern to hold them in. I've heard you can use hair elastics bands soaked in olive oil to hold the ends - this might work.

Also are you allowed to use extensions in twists etc. I would love to try this, but I am not sure where to get the synthetic hair and if it'll come in a colour that looks somewhat similar to mine.

what do you think?
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All the particulars are up to you, dear.. If you want to put in extensions to get twists go for it! I just saw the movie "Human Traffic" with an actress called Lorraine Pilkington who had the most gorgeous angelic blonde curls.. maybe you could attempt her hair style with extensions.

And since you're in Australia I have no idea where you would get the extension hair from. I would imagine a salon would be a good place to ask, but other than that I'm clueless. Also maybe you could try bantu knots.. I consider that a "twisted style" too.

ETA: Also check on the net to see if you can order some hair..

Ooh! I'm in. I've basically been doing this for the past 3 months anyway. Right now my hair is in kinky twists. I just put them in on Sunday 3.21.10. Here's what they look like:

After I take these out in a month or two I'll continue with my own hair which was this long before the kinky twists:

Yay! I'm excited! This is my first real challenge on nc.com. Hooray!
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Yay! You look lovely with the kinky twists, and your own hair has grown so much. Yes, I (stalk?) keep up with your progress.. lol
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