So I've gone absolutely hog wild in the pass week.

Over the weekend I bought 5 SS products! RPT, DT, Emolience butter, Firm holding Gel & the protien spritz. I've tried samples of everything but the spritz. I love love love it all and my hair loves it too. The butter has really helped my issue with my ends loosing moisture too quickly.

My pre-order for my MiraCurls Curling Gel came in over the weekend. Gosh I love this stuff!!! Huge quantity for a decent price. It'll last me forever too.

Yesterday I hit up an Ultra I didn't know we had here! LOL Thank you internet! and Thank you AJJ for telling me about their sale on Giovani! I picked up the TTT shampoo and condish and I also picked up the Tresemee Naturals condish. The TTT is awsome! It'll be the perfect summer time product for me! Plus the nice cool feeling it give. Oh my! My hair dried in cork screw clumped curls at the end. (It's never done that before!)

I used the tresemee to help detangle my hair in the shower since it was said it had such great slip and it does! I also used a pea size for a leave in this morning when I spritzed my hair wet. <3 <3

So that's what.... 9 products in less than a week. Not to mention all the other stuff I've bought and the sample bottles i have...... You guys are a bad infulence! hahaha but I love it!
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New Goals To restore my hair after dying it twice in two weeks. Learning more about products found in the stores to fit my tight budget. I'm still working on trying to grow out my hair.