Ok for those of you that couldn't click on that link, I am so sorry! Put it down to being 42 and not being that computer savvy. I was able to put into google "clipping for root curl" and that came up. Try this site, and this process is NOT in the beginning of the site. You kind of have to read down and explore this site. Sorry for that. It was late and I was going to bed, but excited about the effect!

Ok, here is how I did it. Now some of you may not like this idea or put your own twist on it. If you find a better way, PLEASE let me know, but this worked really great for me; and let me say this. I did this on Sunday night? Well it is Tuesday afternoon and it looks even better than it did the first night! I am going to explain what I did:

1) washed with KC come clean rinsed
2) condish (Nature's Gate) rinsed out
3) KC Knot Today and DID NOT rinse
4) KCCC with the mystery flavored technique
5) plopped for an hour (I have super long hair in the back and it is thick, I need one hour)
6) hair was damp, I took HE Totally Twisted about a quarter size and turned my head over and scrunched some in the front and in the body of my hair
7) flipped head back over, using the smallest jaw clips I had, I kind of, wow I don't know how to describe this, bunched my hair up about one to one and half inches of the root hair (hair is about 12" long total with some layers) into the pattern that it liked. Pressed it between two fingers to hold, jaw clipped with the smallest jaw clip I had.
I DID NOT criss cross. That really messes me up. I stayed with my part.
9) I did this from front to back. I used 6 jaws total from front to back
10) lifting that hair also let the under hair breathe and curl more
11) this is where it gets a little more complicated for folks that are not nurses....I had some old scrubs caps that were elastic band type only, like the type you get before surgery, made out of 100% cotton, I flipped my hair over, with the jaws still in it on top, and put all may hair up in that to get it off my neck
12) took it out right before bed and VOILA got what you see in the pics and that really does not do it justice

I even went to bed on it and it stayed the next day all day and today all day.

I am thinking about getting some old tshirts and having my mom make me some "clipping" caps in the pattern that I have so I can clip and put the hair in the cap and work around the house or watch TV. I think that may have helped too. I remember when I worked in the OR? That I would come out after about 8 hours, and my hair would be curlier than it was before I started work due to humidity from my head (I sweat a lot in the head, very hot natured) and it would look great, grossly enough.

Whew! Ok sorry about the link and I HTH with what I put up there! Any questions feel free to send me mail. I will answer if I can!
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