I don't know if this is gonna help --

But -- The CJ H&B Deep Fix isn't too heavy for my fine easily weighed down hair. Its a nice moisture boost when I need it. So I don't know if it will be be enough for your hair. It worked wonders and didn't weigh my hair down, so at least give it a try if that's what you ordered lol. For example -- since I'm sorta familiar with Peda's hair likes, I wouldn't recommend it to her. I would recommend the Darcy's, Jasmine's, and the SS DT.

Shescentit Green Tea wasn't too heavy for my hair, but the Jasmine's was. The Darcy's Pumpkin was crazy too much moisture.

I really wish that I could use the Spiral Solutions DT, because that was serious moisture -- and it made my hair super shiny and glossy. Too much moisture for me though.

I guess I'm adding in what I thought DIDn't weight me down, so you might compile a double list? Does that make sense? I know what I think isn't the end all -- but perhaps it can contribute to the data we are amassing lol.

And if Afrosheenqueen and CoilyOne both recommended Blended Beauty Herbal Reconstructor then I'd go snatch that up lol. Or the Mop Top since both SBB and Afrosheen recommended that too. Those ladies know their stuff!

Also -- Alexjoujou wrote this freaking fantastic article on her blog. Her and her daughter have hair at the opposite ends of the spectrum. So she has personal experience with a TON of items and is fantastic at comparing them. Her daughters hair has insatiable thirst and hers is more like mine. Though hers is harder to weigh down. Anyway -- I think her rating system is pretty darn good.
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