Or how about Newt Gingrich saying that the Democrats will be voted out next election, similar to when many people were voted out for voting for Civil Rights Act of 1964?
Really, Newt!?! Do you really want that comparison in people's heads? I think we can all agree that those who voted for the Civil Rights Act were on the right (right, as in correct) side of our social morals. They took a stand, even if it costs them.
In context, however, Newt was talking to the Republicans of congress, motivating them to vote against the health care bill and reminding them how funny it'll be to see the Democrats fall. Many of these Repubs probably thought the Civil Rights Act was bad anyways, but cannot vocally admit it.
Whether it hurts or helps the Democrats, at least they finally got the cajones to do something. I was starting to fear that it wasn't in them to do something. I thought they were going to run scared when the Repubs kept telling them this is political suicide.
I really hope our general voting population has enough brain cells to see what's going on. I fear they may not, however.
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