The craziest thing to me is that this is over health insurance.... not even the full coverage you guys deserve.... something that is supposed to HELP EVERYONE... and yet apparently there are people in your country who so resent other people having their basic needs met even slightly that they think it takes away from them... and clearly the people they resent having those needs met are those who are racialized and the racialized President who wants to meet them. No subtext there!
Originally Posted by Amneris
You said it exactly! That's what's so sad, that so many Americans don't care about their fellow citizens and see anything that helps their neighbor as a loss for them. Not to mention that it's a money-saver in the long run.

We are a nation of idiots! I hate to keep saying that but the examples are too many to count.

Sometimes the subtext is subtle and oftentimes it's ugly and overt.
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