Hi all! *I'm new to the forum ... and new to curly hair! LOL!! *It was always about 2A until ... suddenly the last few years, it's been getting really frizzy! *I've tied it back to hide the frizz but it really doesn't help much.

My greys gradually appearing have been DEFINITELY curly, so I thought ... maybe ... and now, with LOTS of conditioning and NO brushing, I've got somewhere between 3a and 3b curls--actual spirals! *I have no clue how to take care of this radically different hair (other than brief forays into this site, which is why I dumped the brush & added heavier conditioner), after more than 50 years of being happy enough with my nearly straight hair.

When I was young, everyone was wanting curly hair--and mine did at least hold a set. *As perms got more popular, I tried one ... BAD idea! *It was too curly for a week, then went to instant FRIZZ. *That was about 25 years ago. *I don't use any heat on my hair except warm water. *It's just past bra-strap length and I'm thinking maybe it'll shape up better with a trim?

I'm going to be looking for help, for sure!