The trip was a success :]

So I get there and everyone was really nice. First I had a consultation on what I wanted and what Teresa, the stylist thought i needed. I told her that I was in a growing out phase and wanted a good cut to do so and she agreed.
So she took my hair out of my ponytail (which looked a mess.. lol.) and started sppraying on lots of mister right and scrunching and cutting. Once she was done her very kind assisant washed me hair twice with low poo and conditoned with devacurl one condition, leaving in a little bit on the ends. When Teresa was finished cutting my moms hair, my conditoner was rinsed out. Then still with dripping wet hair, teresa scrunched in b'leave in fromm my ears down, and scrunched angell all over. She then diffused untill dry with a regular finger diffuser and dryer.
I had NO frizz and curl formation was goregous, but it was SHORT. and i when i say short i mean it. lol. Thats the only thing i didnt like about the cut, i think that even though my hair did shrink, she cut off a bit more than i would have liked. but overall, the appointment went very well. All of my dead ends are off, and I have awesome ringlets and shape. I wish i could post pictures but my dad left his camera at my grandparents house.
so yeah, that was my first curly cut

Growing out hair to a little above bsl
pw: ringlets